Earn free CS:GO Skins

Doing surveys

No item gambling, no deposit required, signup with your Steam account, set up your trade url, spin the skin roulette, win a random cs:go skin and pay for it by completing one free survey.

Spin the cs:go roulette

And hope for the best

Each day, you can get one free random item from our tradebot's inventory by spinning the cs:go skin roulette . The item is reserved for you for the next 24h

complete one survey per skin

we don't care what you win as long as you do it

It doesn't matter if you win a crate or a free knife, pay for it just by doing one free survey. Our NodeJS v6.9.5 tradebot will automatically send the tradeoffer as soon as the offer is completed.

Ready to win ?

Signup through Steam and receive a chance for a random skin each day